Semantic Web Mining

Workshop at ECML/PKDD-2001,
September 3, 2001, Freiburg, Germany




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Online Proceedings

Learning Domain Ontologies

  • CORPORUM: a workbench for the Semantic Web,
    R.H.P. Engels, B.A. Bremdal, R. Jones
  • Acquiring Conceptual Relationships from a MRD and Text Corpus,
    M. Kurematsu, N. Nakaya, T. Yamaguchi
  • Ontology Discovery for the Semantic Web Using Hierarchical Clustering,
    P. Clerkin, P. Cunningham, C. Hayes
  • Web Directories as Training Data for Automated Metadata Extraction,
    M. Kavalec, V. Svátek, P. Strossa

Integration User Behavior and Domain Ontologies

  • Multiagent Cooperative Learning of User Preferences,
    A. Kiss, J. Quinqueton
  • Invited Talk:
    ARCH: An Adaptive Agent for Retrieval Based on Concept Hierarchies
    B. Mobasher

Architectures for Semantic Web Mining

  • Utilising an Ontology Based Repository to Connect Web Miners and Application Agents,
    S. Haustein
  • XML Topic Maps and Semantic Web Mining,
    B. Le Grand, M. Soto,